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5L Beer Keg Types

5L Beer Keg Types

There are different types of 5 litre beer kegs available. Please see the below informative guide to help you understand the difference between the different types of kegs availble,


Pressurised 5 Litre Kegs

Pressurised Kegs are ideal for people who like lagers and who want a perfect pint each time without the need for C02 cartridges.

The kegs look like this:


√ No C02 Cartridges required

√ Perfect pint each time

√ Good Range of European lagers



X Available from selected outlets

X Limited range


Non Pressurised 5 Litre Kegs


Non pressurised 5 Litre Kegs are ideal for people who want a wide range of beers and dont mind using C02 Cartridges when using them in a beer machine.


They look like this:



√ Wide Range including excellent craft beers

√ Widely available

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