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Perfect Draft / Sub Promotion

Have you purchased a Krups Sub or a Perfect Draft beer machine (From Beerwulf, Beerhawk or anyone else) ?



Are you finding the beer:
Expensive? £££££
Limited Choice of British and Craft beers
Difficult to get hold of compatible kegs?
Long shipping delays?
Expensive shipping!!

With one of our H.Koenig 5 Litre beer machines you can have beer from £1.70/Pint!! And compatible kegs are widely available from Home Bargains to your local craft brewer. So you will have a massive range of British and Craft beers. As well as European beers. And no long shipping delays either. It's a no brainer!!

If you send us your invoice (doesn't matter who you bought it from, beerwulf, beerhawk etc. etc. Or when you bought it) we will offer you £70 off a H.Koenig 5 Litre beer machine!! Just send us your invoice to sales@draftproducts and we will send you a £70 off code! Simple as that.

Our H.Koenig beer machines benefit from:
-2 Years warranty!
-10 years spare parts warranty!!
-Compatible with all 5 Litre kegs (over 100s to choose from)
-Real pub experience due to direct C02 intake

This promotion is also valid to anyone who has purchased a machine from us and wants to upgrade.

We at DRAFT PRODUCTS are immensely proud to be a part of the UK craft drinks movement; there is so much passion, drive and creativity to be found from brewers at all levels.

We at Draft Products want to champion and centralise access to CRAFT DRINKS making it much easier for customers to get new rare products and make it easier for brewers from all fields to reach many more customers.

These are excellent high quality beer taps with 2 years warranty and up to 10 years spare parts guarantee