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Calling All Brewers


We are looking to expand our craft beverage range and invite you to join our movement!

Staying in is the new going out! 


 Our vision is to become the largest independent HOME BAR SUPERMARKET in the UK by supplying to our connoisseur customers the best range in taps and kegs, bottles, cans and especially rare products on the market. 

From micro brewery craft beverages right through to the mainstream and more commercial drinks we strive to be THE one stop shop for all drinks products. 

Therefore, your business is crucial to our business, you already make the perfect products for our customers so we really look forward to working with you and bringing your products to our ever growing market. 

Re-establishing ourselves as a Dropshipping enterprise enables us to massively upscale our range of products, it is waste free and enables suppliers to tap into a system that enables you to sell your products all over the world via many vendors itching to sell your goods, just like us.

We simply connect your online store to ours and we launch your products on our website. Fear not, it is so simple and quick to do! We would love to do this today so we don't delay. 

How do we get our inventory connected? It’s very simple… You

  • Connect your online product inventory to ours. See instructions. It is so easy, 3 steps and done!
  • Set  the wholesale and retail prices for all your stock you wish to list on Syncee. 
  • Upload your stock to Syncee so we can see it all as a vendor, we then sync to your inventory, we make it all available to our customers on our platforms, job done. 

What happens when an order comes in?

It will go straight to you to fulfil & payment for the order goes straight to you too at wholesale price plus whatever shipping fee you set, we keep the difference. It happens in real time so there are no actions to take later, no invoices to chase, it is so easy and efficient! 

Then you

  • Accept the order and fulfil it with the customer directly, 
  • Place a DRAFT PRODUCTS sticker on each package you send out, that’s all we ask and we will of course supply the stickers!

The customer gets their products as quickly as your shipping services will allow and our customers get the freshest products straight from you to ensure the best quality. 

We think this is the perfect waste free system that enables scalability for all suppliers and vendors at the click of a few buttons. 

Given that we can get this set up very quickly we are keen to do a deal with you now, let's get this done and not only enable our customers to access ALL your products ASAP, you then have new access to a massive ever growing dropship market through Syncee to expand your reach. 

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider our proposal and look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Kind regards

Steve Dickson

Managing director of DRAFT PRODUCTS