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Redchurch Bright Cloud Hazy IPA 5 L Mini Keg

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Hazy IPA | 5% | 5 Litres (9 Pints)

If you've been a long-time drinker of IPA, you’d have noticed the growing popularity of the hazy IPA style. It’s gone from a niche interest to filling shelves and draft lines and creating more IPA fans. 

Most of the beer we drink tends to be filtered. Hazy IPAs skip the filtration/fining step, leaving behind extra goodness from the grain and hops.  The careful planning of malt and hops, along with less filtering before packaging, yields a beer with lower perceived bitterness than other IPAs and hop character that’s decidedly fruity—you’ll often hear “juicy” as a flavor descriptor.

It’s been some while since our talented brewers have been let loose to create a new Redchurch special edition but here it is and we hope you really like it.


Style: Hazy IPA
Volume: 5 Litres
ABV: 5%
Origin: London
Brewer: Redhcurch


Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Malted Oats, Hops, Yeast Beer Style: Hazy IPA ABV: 5% Suitable For Vegans: Yes