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Premium Afghan Saffron

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Our 100% pure saffron comes from independent farmers in Afghanistan, officially voted as the best saffron in the world. We're proud to partner with local Afghan producers that offer their communities fair paying jobs. 

Saffron is known as the most exclusive spice in the world often referred to as the "Red Gold". It comes from the stigmas found in purple crocus flowers. There are only 3 stigmas in each crocus flower and around 150 flowers need to be hand-harvested to produce just 1 gram of saffron. This labour-intensive production makes saffron the most expensive spice in the world. 

There are a number of uses for saffron as well as linked health benefits. It can be brewed on its own to make delicious Saffron Tea or added to green/black tea to enhance the flavour. Also widely used in cooking to improve almost any type of dish with its rich colour, pleasant taste and distinct aroma. We recommend using just a small pinch in your teas/dishes. 

Handpicked in Afghanistan