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Redchurch 5L Mini Kegs 6 Pint Glasses Bundle

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LagerRedchurch 5L Mini Kegs & 6 Pint Glasses Bundle

2 x 5L Mini Kegs + 6 Pint Glasses Save Money!

These bundles are absolutely PERFECT for parties with friends or dinners with family or any get-together, to be honest. Treat your guests to a real draught-like pint from the real-deal Redchurch pint glasses. You'll blow their minds!

They'd also make a great gift for the person in your life that would like draft beer at home.

Our 5 Litre Mini Kegs are so simple to use. Just bung them in the fridge to chill beforehand, then simply twist the built-in serving tap to pour when you're ready to serve-up pints.

Around 9 pints of fresh, draft, award-winning Redchurch Lager will put a big smile on everyone's face. 

Choose from our two great beers and save £££:

Once you're finished with the keg you simply recycle it with your regular recycling collection, in with the metals. 

Please note as this is fresh beer it will have a best before date for a few months when it’s delivered. Once the keg is opened it should be consumed within 2/3 days.