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Redchurch Bar Blade Bottle Opener

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Redchurch Bar Blade Bottle Opener is the perfect partner to our craft beers!
These high-quality, laser-engraved stainless steel bottle openers are known as 'bar blades'. No Redchurch beer home should be without one! 
A bar blade is a type of bottle opener for crown bottle tops (the ones we use at the Redchurch brewery). They're also known as speed openers.
The bar blade is constructed from heavy-gauge stainless steel and features a bottle opener at one end and a 'spinner ring' thumb hole at the other.
These are commonly used by professional and flair bartenders for flair tricks, pulling bottles out of ice by the neck and attaching to a carabiner reel.
Perfect for opening your Redchurch bottles in the comfort of your own home - and practising your Tom Cruise bar-tending tricks! They make great beer gifts 
They also make a super gift to accompany Redchurch beers.
Dimensions: 177 x 40 x 1mm