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Redchurch Biltong Chilli & Garlic

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Redchurch Biltong Chilli & Garlic is an incredible-tasting cured beef snack - the perfect accompaniment to enjoy with a Redchurch beer.
This Redchurch Biltong Chilli & Garlic flavour Biltong has a great bite and a spicy kick that creeps up on you. Perfect with IPA, Pale Ales and Stouts.
Freshly made in small quantities by our local artisan producer to a secret recipe and process using hand-sliced beef and hand-ground spices. This Redchurch Biltong Chilli & Garlic contains no preservatives, is sugar-free and far superior to those you'll find in supermarkets.
Redchurch Biltong Chilli & Garlic
What is Biltong?
Biltong originated from South African countries and is a form of dried, cured meat with added spices.
Beef, Salt, Coriander, Pepper, Bicarbonate of Soda, Cloves, Spirit Vinegar, Barley Malt Extract, Tamarind Extract, Garlic Powder, Water, Chillis, Chilli Powder. No Preservatives. No Sugar.
Storage instructions:
Store Redchurch Biltong Chilli & Garlic at room temperature and refrigerate once opened. Can also be frozen for later consumption.