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Redchurch Lager

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Redchurch Lager our flagship beer & all-round crowd-pleaser.
Overall World Beer Award winner.

Redchurch Lager was first brewed in an apartment on Redchurch Street, London in 2011 and remains our flagship beer, guaranteed to please the palate of every lager enthusiast. This beer is brewed with a clear goal in mind; to sway you from those ‘safe’ lagers we all gravitate towards down the local. So why Redchurch Lager? We care for the process, meaning we don’t rush a thing. Redchurch Lager is less carbonated, packs more flavour and is as fresh as a crisp British morning. We believe so much in our lager that we don’t inflate our prices meaning our beers are competitive to those you find in the supermarket. Give it a go! 

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Tasting Notes

Characteristic hints of British malt with a grassy aroma. German and American hops complement each other and work with the sweetness of the malt base to provide a refreshing, clean and exceptionally well-balanced beer.

The Brew Sheet


New Wave Lager




Columbus, Mittlefruh


Extra Pale, Dextrin, Wheat, Crystal Medium



 Units of Alcohol





Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast,