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H.Koenig BW1688

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Discover the pleasure of the perfect draft beer at home with the BW1688 draft beer dispenser from H.Koenig, which we believe to be the best 6L tap about to be launched into the UK market.

This tap is unique as it can take 6 Litre "Perfect Draft" kegs & 5L Draught kegs making this the only competitor to the Philips Perfect Draft 6L tap and superseeding it with its 5L keg compatbility and longer 5 year warranty on parts!

Compatible with all 6L and 5L Draught kegs, including Heineken®, this device guarantees a beer shelf life up to 30 days and gives customers more access to a greater range of drinks through its universal compatibility.

Its integrated cooling system allows you to enjoy your beer at an ideal temperature. Adjust this one according to your needs; from 3°C (lagers) to 12°C (ales). the LED screen shows the temperature, volume, and remaining storage time of your keg ensuring the perfect pint every time.

This beer dispenser is easy to use and maintain, thanks to its removable drip tray and ergonomic stainless steel handle. A connector and a hose are provided as well, so you can fit 5L pressurized kegs and enjoy a wider variety of beer brands.

This tap benefits from 2 year warranty and a 5 year parts guarantee ensuring you can enjoy your for years to come!

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