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H.Koenig BW1778

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Discover the pleasure of a draft beer at home with the BW1778 draft beer dispenser.

Compatible with both 5L keg formats including the pressurised "Standard - micro brewery" 5L kegs and the more commercial draught 5L kegs including Heineken®, this device gives consumers access to more drinks range than any other tap and guarantees a beer shelf life of up to 30 days.

Equipped with an integrated cooling system, this machine allows you to enjoy your beer at an ideal temperature of 4°C but as it only cools lagers to this temperature it is not best for certain drinks such as stouts that demand a warmer temperature around 12 degrees. That said the price is fantastic and is undoubtedly a gate way tap for new consumers entering this ever growing market.

This tap benefits from 2 year warranty and 10 year parts guarantee ensuring customers can enjoy their taps for many years risk free. 

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