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Redchurch Pornstar Martini Pale Ale 5 Litre Mini Keg

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We're delighted to add another of our beers in a 5L Mini Keg

Ideal for Christmas gifts, parties, weddings, birthdays and BBQs. Enjoy draught beer anywhere with family or friends.

You know it.  We know it.  The Pornstar Martini is a classic, a signature drink, a modern-day staple on the brunch menu. Punchy passion fruit, sweet vanilla notes all bought together with a fizzy hit of prosecco. So, lads, don’t be ashamed we have all had a taste (and enjoyed it).

But why blend and shake and chop and pour when you can simply pop a cold one?? Introducing the Pornstar Martini Pale Ale. The perfect match between beer and

YOU…Yes, YOU, can now enjoy a pint of Redchurch @ home without a visit to the pub;

Do I need Equipment?? -  NO EQUIPMENT

Do I need a shed load of time to set it all up?? – Absolutely Not – GET DRINKING!

Twist It. Pour it. Drink it.

Garden? Pints. Sofa? Pints. Kitchen Party? Pints. Boat Race? Pints.

 This is available for selection both online and at the Tap Terrace. 

Please note as this is fresh beer it will have a best before the date for a few months when it’s delivered. Once opened it should be consumed within 2/3 days.

Also Available in: 

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