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H.Koenig Beer Machines

H.Koenig Beer Machines


Draft Products are an official supplier of H.Koenig beer machines. BW1688, BW1778, BW1880 and BW1890.

H KOENIG - BW1688 – 6L and 5L tap

The BW1688 is brand new machine that takes 6L and 5L beer kegs.

The fact that this tap can take the 6L PERFECT DRAFT kegs and the 5L DRAUGHT kegs AND that we can sell these taps cheaper than the Philips Perfect Draft tap gives us a unique edge. 

Why buy the Perfect Draft 6L tap when you only have access to 60 kegs when you can get this tap and access many more 5L draught kegs too. 

We believe this product would win a “Which BEST BUY” when compared with all other such taps. 


H KOENIG - BW1778 –5L tap (Budget)

The BW1778 tap can take 5L Draught kegs only and lowers the temperature to 4 degrees. This is therefore the more budget tap for those that need to watch their budgets but want a simple, effective tap that does the job. 

Again this tap comes with a 10 year spare parts gaurentee and with its low price it's sure to be a good seller especially in this difficult market where inflation and the costs of living crisis makes it more difficult for some to buy the higher end taps. 

H KOENIG - BW1880 and BW1890 –5L taps

Both of these taps are almost identical, high quality and are definitely the BEST BUYS in our opinion when it comes to 5L taps products. 

They are both “universal” taps as they can take both the 5L draught and 5L standard kegs giving the consumer access to hundreds of kegs whether it be commercial (Heineken style kegs) or rare micro brewery products such as ales, IPAs and more. 

The quality of the BW1890 is slightly better and has a tap that recovers excess foam therefore reducing waste. 

Both of these taps come with an up to 10 year spare parts gaurentee again so the quality and after service is unbeatable!

When you compare the prices of other 5L taps it's worth paying that little extra for quality and long term peace of mind. 

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