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Frequently asked questions

  1. Why should I buy from DRAFT PRODUCTS?

Two words: Quality & excellence

Everything we sell is Quality and we strive to excel in our service to you. 

Now we have expanded we plan to be one of the few suppliers of a vast unique range of specialist unique craft ales, beers and ciders. We are in talks with many micro breweries to deliver on this promise and we are moving towards the suppliers sending the stock directly to you, our valued customers so that you get only the finest freshest produce with the longest use by date ensuring nothing but quality!

But not only that we will continue to sell the mainstream beverages so you can provide for all your friends and family whatever their tipple!

Our CONTINENTAL EDISON TAPS are a product unique only to DRAFT PRODUCTS here in the UK. See no 2 below for more information on why we think these are so good!

We are constantly driving our prices down to bring you the very best deals so always come back to us and with our NEXT DAY DELIVERY you will never miss the party if you order from us!  


Following research we found that when our customers were looking to buy a beer tap to pour the perfect beverage they wanted a certain type of product that held enough drink and cooled it to the right temperature quickly.   

We are the only UK supplier of our CONTEINENTAL EDISON taps that we import in from the EU as we believe they are the best on the market along with the most excellent KRUPS BEERTENDER TAPS which also give the actual temperature of the beverage along with how much is left before the Keg is emptied. Simple to the point products is all you need right! 

The 2L taps out there were too small to start with for many, they only hold about 3.8 pints so customers were changing the kegs often and having to wait for the new keg to get down to its optimal temperature before you could enjoy it. Likewise when you go up to the 6L or more taps they become very expensive and for not much more value than our two taps which at 9 pints more than meet most people’s needs and is why we have decided our 5L taps range are the perfect product to satisfy most.  

That is why our 5L CONTINENTAL EDISON and 5L KRUPS BEERTENDER taps are perfect for most people’s needs and sold far better than any of their competitors. 

These are by far the best products as they really are far sturdier than some of our competitors Chinese made home brand taps which simply don’t compete on quality and we have been reliably informed, often lead to returns following problems. Spend cheap buy twice as they say so you are better of buying quality from us. 

  1. How long will the Keg Keep?

Generally 30 days from opening unless otherwise stated on the keg. Do note many of our craft beers are only made to be enjoyed within a 3 month time frame (from brewer to pouring) as it is they who set the high standards for consumption to guarantee you a quality drink. This is why we will occasionally reduce our prices on some of the remaining craft beers that are still for sale but with less than 30 days left for consumption. Rest assured the quality is just as good as we think the breweries are almost over cautious with their BBE to ensure the best beverage for you and you know what, we love that! 

  1. Keg Compatibility

Different Machines Take Different kegs so do note the logo we use to help you navigate which kegs to buy for your tap.

Our Standard Keg Machines are not pressurised and therefore requires mini 16g non threaded type C02 canisters to work. 2 are included in each machine which is enough for a few keg refills. Additional Canisters are available from us HERE (link)

Our Draught Keg Machine and the Beertender taps  are plug and play thus, you pop them straight into the machine and you can pour a pint. 

If you have any doubt about keg compatibility please reach out to us on chat or by email. Our experts are ready and more than happy to help.

  1. What happens if a product is out of stock?

If a product is out of stock you will see: “Out of stock” will appear next to the product and the system will prevent you from ordering it.

  1. What are my shipping options? 

We offer 2 shipping options:

  • HERMES / DPD or other - STANDARD DELIVERY £5.20 

Do note, sometimes our shipping is FREE if we are running deals so do take a moment to check our bundle page and the product listings carefully to ensure you take full advantage of any savings!

  1. What is our returns policy?

If you have simply changed your mind we will be happy to refund you in full for any taps and kegs but you are responsible for shipping costs to and from you and we urge you to return the products to us within 7 days as many of our kegs have a short BBE (best before end) for quality purposes so we want to minimalise such delays to ensure the products are still consumable. Should you not return the keg within 7 days then we may not refund your money if the product is then within 30 days BBE 

So please – double check what you are buying to be certain its right for your tap and pallet! 

It has not happened yet as we take great pride in our packaging but should your order arrive damaged in the box please get in touch with us so that we can look to remedy the situation. Our solutions to damaged products will be decided on a case by case basis but rest assured we want only the best for you and will work quickly to meet your demands! 

  1. I own a brewery can you sell my products?