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Customers have told us they want to enjoy a pint of British craft beer at home with a beer machine

The current beer machines on the market do not cater for British Craft Beer. As they use non standard keg formats. So the owners of those machines are missing out on all the marvellous British Craft Beers that you brew! 

With our H.Koenig machines the customer can enjoy a pint of British Craft Beer as the machines are designed especially for 5 litre kegs.




Benefits to brewers and wholesalers:

Why should you sign up with us? 

    • It costs nothing for suppliers/brewers/manufacturers
    • Instant access to 1000 customers that own beer machines hungry for more craft beer
    • You immediately open up a new reputable sales channel for your business that has 100s of organic views per day
    • Your products to be added in Google And Facebook campaigns at 0 cost to you

To be able to meet this demand we find the most cost effective way and to avoid waste is not to hold the stock ourselves. We have a simple free app that syncs our store with your store. Essentially adding another sales channel to your store. This will enable us to avoid waste and upscale, bring you a growing market within which to sell your products. And allow you to avoid waste by offering you another sales channel for products that are getting low BB Dates or you cant sell elsewhere. And most importantly give our customers the best range of British craft products in the country.


The system is really simple

We embed your products for sale on our site, a purchase is made, that goes straight through to you, you accept and fulfil the order and invoice us at the end of week/month

The only other thing to do is agree wholesale prices which will be higher than your trade prices as you will be managing the fulfilment. 

We list your products at the same price you currently list them so we are NOT competing with you,

We have been operating with several brewers now for over a year and are happy to provide references if required.

We are especially interested in craft beer in 5 Litre kegs. However we are also interested in stocking:

  • Top shelf bottled products such as Whisky, Gin and any others
  • Bottled products 
  • Canned products
  • Non Alcoholic Drinks
  • Bar snacks
  • If you have a product you think would suit us then contact us below!.
Not only that, when you are set up on our system we will then proceed to add your products to our brochure ready for phase 2 exporting your products in to the EU to drive up further high volume sales.
We have a business relationship with a company in France where we aim to export British products into the European market.

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