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We are looking to vastly expand our product range and invite you to join our HOME BAR SUPERMARKET movement!

Many people are staying in rather than going out, they are creating the perfect home bar space and want the perfect set up to relax and have that crisp drink at home... but they struggle to find the products they are looking for. We want to bridge the gap between supply and demand.


Imagine an online HOME BAR SUPERMARKET with a CENTRALISED SPECIALISED place where customers can find almost ALL unique craft drinks. Whether Ales, Gin, Weisbier, absinthe etc we want to showcase everything and make it easy for customers to search out and try/buy new products.

Not only that, we want to stock any other goods that would help you to create the perfect home bar entertainment set up. These will include Barbeques, Big screen TVs, sound systems, pool tables and anything you may expect to find in a bar! 

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Products iinclude:
  • Craft products
  • Top shelf bottled products such as Whisky, Gin and any others
  • Bottled products 
  • Canned products
  • Non Alcoholic Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Soft Drinks 
  • Bar snacks
  • Barbeque and Garden products 
  • Bar Taps and Equipment
  • Fridges/Freezers/coolers
  • Pool tables,
  • TVs/home cinema systems/sound systems etc
  • Many more…If you have a product you think would suit us then contact us below!
We are looking to build THE BEST CENTRALISED COLLECTION OF CRAFT DRINKS anywhere in the world where many of our connoisseur customers will return time and time again to buy your drinks.
We are looking to build relationships with brewers and manufacturers to help you make many more sales through our dropship system that is already in place, works incredibly efficiently and effectively and as far as we are concerned, its the future of online sales!
This will give your products a new platform in a specialist space, ideal for reaching new customers.
Whether it be a keg of IPA, stout, Weisbier, new flavoured gin, whisky or any other sort of craft drink, we want to list it here and help you reach your target audiences.
Not only that, when you are set up on our system we will then proceed to add your products to our brochure ready for phase 2 exporting your products in to the EU to drive up further high volume sales.
One of our business partners lives in the EU, knows the market incredibly well, knows of the demand and the distinct lack of supply in Europe when it comes to Craft drinks. It is time to start working together to bring each other far more business.

Benefits to brewers and wholesalers:

Why should you sign up to our new sales system? 

    • It costs nothing for suppliers/brewers/manufacturers
    • It takes very little time to set up
    • You immediately open up a new arm to your business reaching out online through our centralised specialist craft drinks space to drive brand awareness and far more sales!
    • You can improve your chances of selling your end date produce to minimise waste and increase profits. 
    • You have full control over your inventory, you even set the margins we get.
    • We sell at your prices so we are NOT competing with you, we are working WITH you to increase sales
    • Sales are automated so they come straight to you to accept and fulfil. 
    • You fulfil all orders directly with customers to ensure an excellent new/ongoing relationship giving them the best quality produce every time. 
    • Payments for orders are immediate so no chasing invoices. You get the wholesale value and the shipping rate, we keep the margin
    • We will market your products at our cost on our home bar supermarket and throughout the EU and UK markets. 
    • We will arrange the logistics of shipping your products to buyers in the EU at their cost!
    • We will present your products to major UK retail outlets through our brochure improving your chances of cementing a major and hopefully long term deal with them
    • You become a part of a movement that will revolutionise how breweries work together

Register your interest by emailing or completing and submitting the form below! 

Kind regards

Steve Dickson

Managing director of DRAFT PRODUCTS