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Discover the pleasure of the perfect draft beer at home with the BW1880 draft beer dispenser.

Compatible both 5L keg formats including the 5L standard "micro brewery" keg (Ales/IPA/stouts etc) and draught 5L kegs such as Heineken®, this device guarantees a beer shelf life of up to 30 days and gives consumers access to a vast range of drinks making this tap very appetising.

Equipped with a detachable handle and a stainless steel body, this tap is easy to clean and maintain.

Its integrated cooling system allows you to enjoy your beer at an ideal temperature. Adjust the temperature according to your needs, whether it is 6°C for flavoured beer or 11°C for stout.

This tap benefits from 2 year warranty and 10 year parts replacement gaurentee ensuring consumers can enjoy their tap for many years risk free.

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