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Waldhaus - Diplom Pils - 5L Beer Keg

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Waldhaus - Pilsner | 4.9% | 5L Beer Keg (9 Pints)


Multi Award winning and world renowned pilsner.

With its insatiable thirst for knowledge, the waldhaus Pilsner receives one award after another. As early as 1975, Helmar Schmid, head of the brewery at the time, gave it the name Diplom Pils. With over 120 international and national awards, this unusual award of an academic degree is still more than justified today. In 2009, this special Pilsner was named World’s Best Pilsner at the World Beer Award, making it one of the best 5 litre beer kegs in its class. Thanks to consistent demand for top quality, Waldhaus Pilsner was named World's Best German Pilsner in 2014, World's Best German-Style Pale Lager in 2016 and World's Best Classic Pilsner in 2020. The Diplom Pils is not only the most popular beer from the Waldhaus brewery today - it is a real Pils classic! 



World Beer Award (Großbritanien) World’s Best German-Style Pale Lager 2016 World’s Best German Pilsner 2014 World Best Pilsner 2009 World Beer Cup (USA) Silver Award 2006 & 2008 2 x in Folge zweitbestes Pils bei der Bier Olympiade" Deutsche Landwirtschaft Gesellschaft e.v. September 2000 18 days in Folge with Gold gekürt International Taste & Quality Award (Brüssel, Belgium) 2 Sterne 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 Monde Selection (Brüssel, Belgium) Silver 2016 Gold Award 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 Australian International Beer Award (Melbourne, Australian) Silver Quality Award 2010 European Beer Star (München) Bronze Award 2006-2008 International Beer Challenge (London, England) Bronze Medal 2011 1001 Tastings (Limas, France)

Style: Pilsner

Volume: 5 Litres (9 Pints)
Origin: Germany
Brewer: Waldhaus
ABV: 4.9%


Suitable for:

- Any 5L Beer Machine which has mini C02 Cartridges

- Drinking without a machine (In built pouring mechanism in each keg)