Beer Machines have 2 years warranty and up to 10 years spare parts guarantee!!!!

Beer Kegs

Here you will find some excellent multi award winning British Craft Beer such as Redhurch (8 World wide beer awards including 2 golds) Aswell as more well known brands.

All our kegs have an inbuilt pouring mechanism and can therefore be used without a tap machine 

5 Litre Kegs hold 9 Pints of Beer. Kegs are compatible with all 5 Litre beer machines that take C02 Cartridges, Klarstien, Salter, H.Koenig, Ice-master, Beermonster, etc. etc.

Flat shipping rate for up to 3 kegs  - Save on Shipping by making 1 order per brewer


  • 5 Litre Beer Machine Compatible

5 Litre Beer Kegs

20 and 30 Litre Kegs